The best outdoor exposure on St. Maarten.


Trivision Billboards

3 rotating ads, not more! To garantee you an optimal exposure time, and keep the interest of the viewer. We ensure a greater exposure of your campaign:

  • The Most direct contact with the viewer with no glass or covers that prevent from a clear sight
  • The Most reliable, state of the art, high precision that ensure you a sharp result of your advertising campaign
  • 8 trivision signs are already in activity all over St. Maarten. Check our map or slideshow.

  • 9,600 times your campaign can be seen per day, in bright day light or at night with our illuminated strip.
  • 9 seconds is the estimated time the face stays on before being changed.
  • Sign dimentions: 2.34 meters high, 3.15 meters wide.

  • Have a look at our video to see our billboards in action!

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